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Songs and Elevator Music:

1. Otis listen MP3 Lyrics (pdf)

2. Way the World Works  listen MP3  Lyrics (pdf)
3.  Sometime  listen  MP3  Lyrics (pdf)
4. Oui, Oui-Oui  listen MP3  Lyrics (pdf)
5. Party Song  listen MP3  Lyrics (pdf)
6. Never Kidnap a Kid  listen  MP3  Lyrics (pdf)
7. The Best Things in Life   listen MP3  Lyrics (pdf)

Elevator Music (introduction listen MP3

Elevator Music Waltz (incidental music) listen MP3

Elevator Family Musical Mixtape

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Elevator Family Play Productions:

Columbus Children's Theater-- Feb. 3-20 2011 Watch clip! click

Columbus Children's Theater-- play article Columbus Dispatch

Columbus Children's Theater-- play review Columbus Dispatch

Columbus Children's Theater-- play review Theater Roundtabe

Elevator Family Book Pictures (French/Japanese editions): download PDF

DIRECTOR’S NOTES: Choosing an unfamiliar title
Why did I choose The Elevator Family to bring to the CCT stage? I doubt any of you had every heard
of the show - I hadn’t either until I read it. lt was one of the 30 or 40 new scripts that come across my desk
every year. I read them all. Most of them aren’t very good, or they aren’t right for CCT for one reason or
But once in awhile I get a new script that calls out to me. Elevator Family was one of those. When I
read Douglas Evans' play l found a charm and an innocence that reminded me of my childhood. I grew up in a
time and place when one assumed the best in people. It was a time when if you met a stranger, you would
simply smile and think “Hello! What do you do?” We were open to all the good things people had to offer.
Sadly, in today’s world it seems the majority of what we hear about is negative: bad people, bad
events, and bad things. We naturally want to protect our children, and we teach them to be wary of danger, but
I have a fear that today’s children are growing up focusing on the “possible” negatives in people instead of the
positives. Despite the violence and horrors we hear about today, I truly believe that the vast majority of people
in this world are really good people. We just don’t hear about them as much.
The Elevator Family is a play about good people: It’s a family that assumes the best in people. They
welcome strangers, make friends easily and openly, and are a positive influence in their world, but they also
have the wisdom to observe when things aren’t quite right.
I don’t expect this world to ever return to the innocence of my youth. But I take pleasure in presenting
this unique family from a different time and place. So, welcome to the world of the Wilson Family, where
looking at the positive side of humanity is just the way things are done.
William Goldsmith, Artistic Director

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